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Happiness Quiz

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Happiness Test
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Is your glass half-full or half-empty? On those days when nothing in your life seems to be going right, it can be really tough to see the silver lining among all those clouds. However, it's during these times when the ability to see the good in even the worst situations is so important. An optimistic attitude benefits not only your mental health, but your physical well-being as well. Take this test to see where you fall on the optimism/pessimism continuum.
This test is made up of two types of questions: scenarios and self-assessment. For each scenario, answer according to how you would most likely behave in a similar situation. For the self-assessment questions, indicate the extent to which you agree with the given statements. In order to receive the most accurate results, please answer each question as honestly as possible.

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Happiness is an attitude. The power of positive thinking, positive attitude, optimism/pessimism or negativity is well known. Take the Happiness Test to discover if your attitude leads to happiness.